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State Convention - Saturday, May 4 - Rogers, MN

The annual State Convention will commence at 1:30 pm on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the Davanni’s party room in Rogers. The main items of business include:

  • Election of the State Party Officers (Chair/Director team, Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Voting on the State Central Committee’s recommendation for national affiliation with The Alliance Party
    • Pending the above result, a vote to finalize a party name change to “Independence-Alliance Party
The IP and Alliance Party "In the News"

Your Independence-Alliance, IP Candidates and National Party  in the news:

National Party Affiliation and Name Tweak coming?

In August 2018, a wide-ranging collection of independent and alternative party leaders and activists got together in Denver, CO to discuss the overall independent movement.  From that gathering the idea of like-minded centrist and moderate parties formally banding together took solid root.

In the interim, the American Moderates and Modern Whig party merged.  Joining them was the American Party of South Carolina. Others, including the Moderate Party of RI, remnants of the Reform Party and Independence Party of Minnesota (among others) are considering and/or moving in the direction of joining what is now called “The Alliance Party”.

The State Central Committee has endorsed the concept of joining this new national party – really the coming together of already existing parties into one larger and much more viable entity – and a name change via voice vote at the January 26 meeting.  It now goes before the State Convention on May 4 for final approvals.

Keep following us to see where we land.  You can learn more about The Alliance Party here.

Op-Ed Commentary Response: Vote for the Candidates You Support

Recently, an op-ed writer wrote of third parties as spoilers. IP State Chair Phil Fuehrer has written a response encouraging people to vote for the candidates they support.

What do you get when you vote for alternative candidates? You get more voices in the system, more choices at the ballot box and a better chance at a truly responsive and representative government.

Statement from IP Chair Phil Fuehrer on the 11/06/2018 elections

State Chair Phil Fuehrer posted a lengthy statement about tonight’s elections on the party’s Facebook page.

The statement concludes with:

We, the IP, simply, have not finished our work….

…Our ballot candidates tonight – William Denney and Ray “Skip” Sandman put in the work for 2018. They hammered at that stone numerous times. We HAVE made progress, just not quite yet enough of it. THANK THEM FOR THEIR EFFORTS.

We will learn from this and grow. The IP survives and we will see it, again, thrive. Thank you all.

You can read the full statement here.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events of interest:

  • Twin Cities Pride, June 22-23, Minneapolis, MN
  • State Executive Committee Meeting, Sunday, July 7 or 14 (TBD) – 1pm
  • State Fair, August 22 – September 2, State Fairgrounds, stop by the booth, let us know if you’d like to serve a volunteer shift!

Email: for more information on any upcoming event.

A better way of running the people's business.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


In 1992, a group of Minnesota citizens established a brand new political party—the Independence Party. These bold, visionary citizens were not part of the political elite, captains of industry, or members of the idle rich looking to fill some time. They were ordinary citizens whose disgust with constant budget deficits, big money special interest influence, and extreme ideological dominance forced them to action.

Twenty five year later those same frustrations have only grown worse.  The Independence Party continues its work to solving the issues and giving Minnesotans a true voice.


Our philosophy is that the only wasted vote is the one cast for something you don’t want. If you’re voting the “lesser of two evils” then you’re wasting your vote.  Vote your conscience and it’s never a wasted vote.

We’ve always stood for government and election/campaign finance reform. We still do. There was a time when it was fair to say we didn’t stand for a whole lot more. That has changed. We’ve put flesh to bone and now cover more than 10 broad topic areas with both overarching philosophies in those areas as well as directly related planks.  At your leisure please read more about our principles and our platform.

We are always looking for potential candidates – from city council or park board to U.S. Senate.  Contact us and we’ll talk about what your best “fit” might be.


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