Grassroots Action

The American Dream starts with the neighborhoods. As director of the Independence Party I know we can’t succeed in making a long-term, positive impact on our state unless we start at the grassroots.While most communities in Minnesota didn’t feature big elections in 2013 our local leaders were working in two of our state’s largest cities – Minneapolis and Bloomington – to elect strong, qualified candidates to municipal office. The results were inspiring.In Bloomington we were proud to support both Dwayne Lowman and Jon Oleson as they won seats on the city council. And in Minneapolis IP-supported candidate Blong Yang emerged victorious after second- and third-choice ballots are counted in the ranked voting contest. Other IP-supported, first-time candidates in Minneapolis,Stephanie Woodruff and Matt Steele, fell short at the polls but proudly ran substantive and engaging campaigns centered on opening up government, acting more responsibly with taxpayer dollars, and addressing opportunity gaps in the city.
Change starts with one person standing up and getting involved. Support will build from there if the message is honest and the work is put in. I’m excited to continue building on these successes as we look ahead to 2014 and beyond. Please contact me if you’re interested in getting involved. Together we can make our great state even greater.Sincerely,
Kyle E. Lewis
State Party Director

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