Final Caucus Results of 2016 Presidential Straw Poll

Sanders prevails over Bloomberg on 6th Round of IRV poll

March 13, 2016

Michael Bloomberg led Bernie Sanders in the Independence Party Straw Poll on caucus night in the IP’s instant runoff voting poll. But, unlike any other party, the IP also conducts a few days of online caucusing – using technology to allow additional participants the opportunity to have their voices heard.

After incorporating those votes the race tightened. First round choice saw Bloomberg and Sanders with 24% each. Clinton, who had been tied with Kasich for 3rd, pull slightly ahead, 16% to 14%.

As the rounds were counting, Sanders pulled ahead, then Bloomberg pulled back to even. As counting reached the final round, it was Sanders at 36%, Bloomberg at 34% and Kasich had passed Clinton and was at 30%.

When Kasich was eliminated and his supporters’ choices redistributed – it was Sanders winning with 55% to Bloomberg’s 45%.

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