Independence Party Convention Elects New Leadership

Independence Party of Minnesota Convention Elects New Leadership

June 8, 2015

Saint Paul – Delegates attending the 2015 Independence Party State Convention on June 6 at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul heard presentations from former U.S. Congressman Tim Penny, 2014 Kansas U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman and from FairVote MN – an organization promoting ranked choice voting in elections.

On the business end of the day, Mark Meyer of Lake Crystal was elected State Chair succeeding Mark Jenkins who had served in that role for the past four years. Meyer served two terms on the Lake Crystal Wellcome School Board. He has been actively involved in the Independence Party since 2008 and served as Chair of the First Congressional District of the Independence Party.

“We are the party serving the political needs of centrists, moderates and independents,” stated Meyer. “We are the party of reform, small business and the working middle class. Working together we will move back to major party status and beyond,” he continued.

Phil Fuehrer of Saint Paul was elected State Party Director. Fuehrer has been with the Independence Party since 1995 serving in numerous party positions.  He was most recently chair of the party’s Fourth Congressional District.

“Mark Meyer and I are still fighting for the Independence Party,” said Fuehrer. “Your presence shows that you are still fighting. We have a plan to develop an effective party organization and with your help we will implement it.”

Meyer and Fuehrer acknowledged the recent hardships the Independence Party has experienced but noted that the party was still very much alive.  They presented a comprehensive plan to revitalize the party including such items as party rebranding party image, leadership development and an increased emphasis on fundraising.

“I am excited to see the ideas and energy that Mark and Phil will bring to their new leadership roles within the Independence Party,” said Mark Jenkins. “The number of new delegates and the commitment of our long standing delegates will keep the Independence Party a formidable challenger to the troublesome two party system in Saint Paul.”

Delegates also re-elected Ben Thome as Secretary and Sally Paulsen as Treasurer.

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