Independence Party Endorses “Iron Man” Steven Hakly for District 6A at State Convention


Independence Party Endorses “Iron Man” Steven Hakly

for District 6A at State Convention


The Independence Party of Minnesota held its Annual State Convention in Hutchinson on Saturday, April 30.  The primary purpose of the convention was to rally party members in advance of the petition-gathering period for the IP’s endorsed candidates.

Steven Hakly - 2016 State Convention
Steven Hakly – 2016 State Convention

The highlight of the proceedings was the endorsement of Steven “Iron Man” Hakly of Iron, MN for the open seat in State Legislative District 6A.  The unanimous vote of endorsement came not only despite Hakly announcing that he would continue with his plan to run a write-in campaign but because of it. “Despite the fact I will forge ahead as a write-in candidate, the IP voted to endorse my efforts,” said Hakly following the endorsement vote.  “I know the Independence Party shares their support for all the citizens on the Range.  I’ll honestly need strong alliances for the battles ahead,” he stated.

State Chair, Phil Fuehrer noted that the IP and Hakly share a full range of platform ideas as well as the philosophy of governing for the people you represent, not to further your own personal goals. “We share the goal of breaking up the two party system,” said Fuehrer.  “With his passion and commitment, Steven convinced every delegate to try something new, “ he continued, “to try the write-in route in District 6A.”

IP Delegate Karna Brewer (Anoka) rhetorically asked, “Is the candidate of the people the won listed on the ballot who wins or the one who wins after people have written in his name?”  Hakly noted, “The citizens interests are not being served by the two party candidates.  Now, rather than voting and sending a candidate to the Capitol, you can send a candidate, standing with thousands of supporters expecting change.”

In other business, former Metropolitan Council Commissioner James Nelson (Mound) was elected to fill a vacant State Executive Committee At-Large position.

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