Independence Party’s Work is not Done!

In politics, some election nights are elating and others are deflating. For the Independence Party of Minnesota, last night was both.

Candidates were disappointed by the results in each of their races. Several were more disappointed in the results for the party. However, the mood in the room was not one of defeat; it was more a mood of energy and engagement.

“While I was disappointed by the election results, I was impressed by the fight and determination our candidates and supporters demonstrated throughout the long night.” said Mark Jenkins, State Party Chair.

“I could not be more proud of all of our candidates from city council to Governor. Our next generation of political leaders are taking their lessons in stride and are preparing for the Independence Party’s next battle for Minnesota and this nation,” he continued.

The big question is: What is next for the Independence Party?

The question is one everyone within the party will discuss. Candidates made it clear they believe in the party and its mission, and are eager to build it.

Party leadership will have long, candid and heartfelt discussions about what is necessary to meet the needs of Minnesotans who remain shut out of the governance of their state and nation.

Jenkins confirms, “The Independence Party, its candidates, and its supporters will continue the fight for mainstream Minnesotans.”



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