IP Scares Major Party Candidates


Major candidates, afraid of IP, renege on Farmfest promise, deny constituency chance to compare all candidates



July 31, 2016

Saint Paul – Reneging on their promise to participate, the withdrawal of Jason Lewis, Darlene Miller and Angie Craig from the scheduled August 3 Farmfest Forum has resulted in the cancellation of the CD2 portion of the debate. Apparently, each candidate refused to take a stage with Independence Party Candidate Paula Overby.

“Our people are divided, not by love and hate but by our two major parties,” said Overby. “These are the exact actions that are polarizing the public and dividing this nation.”
The Farmfest forums have a long-standing tradition of being one of the earliest forums on the political calendar. This year’s 75 minute event on August 3, was to be a combined forum for Congressional Districts 1, 2 and 3. Now, CD 2 is removed from the forum with Paula Overby and Republican John Howe, who did not withdraw, being offered 5 minutes each to address the crowd. 
“While Paula Overby will receive 5 uninterrupted minutes to deliver her message, the voters of CD2 will be denied any ability to compare and contrast the candidates,” said IP State Chair Phil Fuehrer. “Their refusal to compare idea does show the continued value of the IP and the continued need to have open, quality debate. I commend John Howe on having the strength of character to stay with his promise of participation.”
“This not a time for political cowardice,” said Overby. “If ever there was a time for politicians to boldly embrace the will of the people, that time is now.”
Farmfest takes place August 2 to 4 in Redwood Falls, Minnesota.

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