We have implemented a great tiered donation system that allows you to support political independence at a monetary and benefit level that suits you!  The IP has 5 donation categories (and, you can also give your own unique amount too!) from the low-cost Thundering Herd through to the Quadriga Club; from as little as $2 month to much more based on your ability and desire.  Learn more about the levels and their benefits by clicking here – then support the IP at your chosen level!! Note: at the Bellowing Bison level and above, list your gift(s) and size in the comment field.  If you would like the monthly “Thundering Herd” list $2 in the Other field and “Monthly/Sustaining”.  You may do the same for the “Capitol Club” ($240 one-time donation) and the “Quadriga Club” ($42 Monthly).  If you’d like to contribute by check please make it out to:  Independence Party of Minnesota and mail to, PO Box 40495, St. Paul, MN 55104

If you would like to give a different amount to the Federal Account – please select “other” and enter the amount. Maximum amount for a Federal Account contribution is $10000.  The Federal Account does NOT qualify for our tiered donation system.  All donations, federal or not, are not tax deductible.

Advisory Notice: Please note that some older browsers may indicate a bad security certificate. If you right click (or in Chrome click the red “x” in the url address) you’ll see that it IS a GoDaddy certificate that is valid until 2018. You can click directly to our contribution host page here: