Donation Levels

Dear IP Supporter:

As a grassroots, volunteer party challenging the status quo we rely on your support to succeed.  We have now implemented new donation levels that are structured on a benefit-driven tiered system allowing you to choose a level based on your support of our efforts and/or benefits that you would like to receive. This new structure allows us to better support our candidates and the party structure while offering you multiple and easy support options including monthly recurring donations.  To donate – go to our contribution page.

Membership Levels

Thundering Herd           Bellowing Bison           IP Candidate Club

Capitol Club               Quadriga Club

THUNDERING HERD:  $24 contribution (One-time annual OR $2/month)

Thundering HerdThis is your basic budget-level support tier and every little bit helps!

It was said that a herd of bison stampeding across the Great Plains sounded like rolling thunder.  This level adds your name and support to the IP stampede – let’s hear some THUNDER!  At this level you will receive your IP Membership Card, your choice of a Car Window Cling and a discounted ticket to the Annual Donors Dinner.


BELLOWING BISON:  $60 contribution (One-time annual OR $5/month)

bellowing-bull-bisonA Bison’s Bellow is likened to that of a lion’s roar and can be heard from more than half a mile away.  Your contribution at a grande coffee per month gives you and the IP a voice that will be HEARD! See what we did there? Be heard, herd of Bison?  Bellowing Bison members will receive free lunches (with attendance RSVPs) at all State Central Committee Meetings and State Conventions during the year, one free admission to the Annual Donors Dinner and your choice of Bison Tier gift.  Of course, you also receive the IP Membership Card &  Window Cling!


IP CANDIDATE CLUB:  $108 contribution (One-time annual OR $9/month)

Candidates drive the exposure and vitality of a party.  This level will set aside a portion of your donation to the IP’s “Legislative Candidate Fund”.  It is from this fund that we are able to provide direct cash assistance to our endorsed candidates!  Candidate Club members receive all of the Bellowing Bison gifts PLUS one free admission to our Annual Candidates Event.


CAPITOL CLUB:  $240 contribution (One-time annual OR $20/month)

Minnesota_State_CapitolThe Capitol is where the legislature meets and the work gets done (or, rather, should get done).  This is the workhorse membership level.  Dollar for dollar, membership at the Capitol Club level provides the IP the most working capital, allowing us to get work done!  At this level you receive all Candidate Club benefits plus a Capitol Club Tier gift item and two complimentary drink tickets at the Annual Donors Dinner with choice of an upgraded entree.


QUADRIGA CLUB:  $500+ contribution (One-time OR $42/month for 12 months), membership good for 4 years

Minnesota_State_Capitol_golden_quadrigaA Quadriga is a chariot drawn by four horses and is an emblem of triumph. “Progress of the State” is the highly visible, gold-leafed Quadriga that sits atop our State Capitol. Your support at this level shows your dedication to the progress of the IP.  In return, we offer this as a 4-year membership benefit tier. In addition to the Capitol Club benefits you also receive a special limited invitation(s) to a post and/or pre-event reception with the keynote speaker of the Annual Donors Dinner and/or our endorsed Federal and Statewide Candidates at the Candidates Event.


Bison Tier Gifts                                                         Capitol Tier Gifts
(choose 1)

A) T-Shirt (Orange shirt w/Navy Lettering           A)  Hooded Sweatshirt, or,
or Navy shirt w/Orange lettering, or,

B) Coffee Mug and Zippered Bottle Insulator         B)  Fleece Blanket


The Fine Print

1) We reserve the right to change any of the conditions of the program.  This is new thing for us so we may be slow on the membership card thing as we work on setting that up.

2) All tier gifts will be distributed at State Central Committee Meetings and State Conventions.  We’ll try to be ready with the first round of gifts with the April 30, 2016 State Convention, however, we will need sufficient contributions selecting various gifts so that we can order quantities that bring product cost to a reasonable level (i.e. – it’s not cost effective to order 5 sweatshirts).

3) Remember that you will need to RSVP for the free lunches offered at the  Bellowing Bison level and up before the deadline listed in each call for a particular meeting or convention.

4) We will do our best to put together Donor and Candidate events with the first one to take place sometime this Fall.  We believe that these will get better wtih time!!

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