Minnesota needs the Independence Party more than ever!



It has been a few months since we lost our major party status by a mere 9/100ths of a percentage point.  Ever since then, party leaders on every level have been discussing how to regain our major party status in a system that is designed to protect the two party system and to marginalize those who believe in more moderate and centrists views.  While we are working to learn from our past, we cannot take our eyes off what is happening today. I must confess that I have been so focused on this past election and how we move forward from it that I almost missed the signs that Minnesota still needs the Independence Party of Minnesota.

The Signs:

Republicans and Democrats are arguing over how to spend a budget surplus.  This surplus is a result of hard working Minnesotan’s efforts and perseverance over the policies of the Republicans and Democrats in Saint Paul.  We do not have a budget surplus because of politicians. We have a surplus despite them. Republicans and Democrats are both talking about funding transportation and education. Yet despite these shared goals, they are arguing as though they could not be farther apart. Even in a time of surplus and shared goals, our legislators cannot see beyond the partisan divide they have built. Minnesota needs a political party that can bridge that divide and move Minnesota towards our shared goals.

The Republican Party of Minnesota is asking your legislators to return the entire surplus to the public and to cut taxes. At a time when our roads are crumbling, the Republican Party would rather give each Minnesotan $350 instead of investing that money in fixing our roads. As always, Republicans would rather tuck a little money in your pocket and kick the real challenge down the road. If the Republican Party gets its way, you will need to bank that rebate. It will come in handy when you have to replace a set of rims or get your suspension re-aligned because of continued political neglect. Minnesota needs at least one fiscally responsible party.

Lastly, Republicans and Democrats are pushing legislation that will move the primary into June. They claim that this will allow their party to rally behind a single candidate early and to give the public more time to understand their candidates. In fact, the early primary will really serve to minimize political challenges to sitting politicians.  Challengers would need to start building their campaigns and raising money in the middle of winter in order to be competitive.  While challengers are seeking public support in the snow and cold, sitting legislators will have the capitol steps as their campaign platform and free media as their megaphone. Minnesota needs a political party that serves Minnesotans, not the two parties that work to protect their hold on power.

Minnesota needs the Independence Party of Minnesota more than ever.

For this reason, the Independence Party of Minnesota needs YOU to do more than you think you can do, to donate more than you think you can afford, and to recruit more friends and neighbors to our cause than you ever thought you were capable of.

Here is how you can get involved:

1. Check off the “Independent” Political Party on your state income or property tax return. This will generate a $5 donation to the Independence Party from the state. 

2. Bring a friend to the Independence Party of Minnesota State Central Committee meeting on April 18th. The location and time will be posted to http://www.mnip.org/events soon.

3. Bring a friend and a neighbor to the Independence Party of Minnesota State Convention on June 6th at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul. The exact room and start time will be posted to http://www.mnip.org/events shortly.

Email me at Mark@PoliticalIndependence.com and let me know how you would like to volunteer for your Congressional District organization or the state party.

Thank you in advance for all of the effort you will put forward for the Independence Party and all Minnesotans in the upcoming year. I appreciate it, and Minnesota will be better for it.



Mark Jenkins


Independence Party of Minnesota

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