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We want a more peaceful world, but it starts from within

His cry pierced my heart. In an instant, I knew that if I were in his place, pushed to the ground and choked by another man’s knee, I too would have called out for my mother.

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Collusion or Gentlemen’s Agreement?

“It can work, it should work, and at least for a couple of us, I think it will work,” Independence Party Chairman Phil Fuehrer said.

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Candidate’s View: Pick a secretary free of party persuasion

I believe our American system of government is a revolution of humanity. But even the finest ideas need a tune-up now and again.

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Statement from IP Chair Phil Fuehrer on Orlando Pulse Nightclub Tragedy

In the wake of the mass killings at the Pulse Nightclub, I would like to express my personal sorrow and sympathies as well as those of the MNIP.  I would also like to recount a recent experience…

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