Ask Not…

By Mark Cardenas

A presidential election year is a unique and exciting time for politics!  Not only do we as a nation get to display to the world how a democratic transition of power is fought fiercely without bloodshed but, more importantly, it is a time when regular citizens (whose lives do not revolve around politics) actually become interested in this crazy world of American Politics.

With all of this political ‘energy’ abound there are opportunities for us as IP Party members and as “IP newbies”.

For IP Party Members, ask not what your party can do for you…ask what you can do for your party!  Get involved!  Donate!  Talk to your friends and neighbors about the IP, encourage them to check out the website, or maybe slap an IP static cling on your car!  The key is for us to expand the party during this time of political excitement.

For IP newbies and those that want to get involved in politics,  now is a GREAT time!  Join the IP and YOU CAN make a difference!  Help out a local IP candidate, consider a spot in IP leadership, or toss a few bucks in for the cause!  We want you to join us to build a better party and a better way of doing politics!  Contact us today!

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