Independence Party Overview

We are the primary centrist party in Minnesota. We began our work in 1992 and have ridden the ups and downs that the American political center has gone through, while continuing to carve the path forward for a better Minnesota and America.

The Independence Party of Minnesota has a small business focus, and recognizes that a strong, free, and engaged working middle class is a key driver of economic growth and investment.  We continue to remain committed to our strong stances on anti-corruption and election reform. We support independent redistricting, same day voter registration, term limits, reinstatement of voting rights once someone has finished incarceration and would like to see the Supreme Court’s misguided ‘Citizens United’ ruling overturned.

Government policies that favor the political and economic elite restrict growth and lead to wealth inequality. Higher levels of inequality and a smaller working middle class diminish public engagement in government, and reduce broad acceptance of free market values. – From IP Platform

Our mission

The object of the Independence Party of Minnesota shall be to:
  • Function as a Minnesota state major political party,
  • Endorse candidates for partisan and non-partisan public office,
  • Assist Independence Party of Minnesota-endorsed candidates in their campaigns for public office,
  • Assist Independence Party of Minnesota-endorsed elected public officials in their service in public office,
  • Advocate the enactment of public policy and laws that are consistent with the Independence Party principles, platform, and public policy positions,
  • Support Independence Party of Minnesota members for appointed public office,
  • Encourage and support citizen participation in the public political process, and
  • Support and participate in similar activities at the national level.

How we work


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