2013 State Convention Call

April 30, 2013

Honored Independence Party of Minnesota State Convention Delegates,

It is time again to come together to set the course for the party for 2013.  The work you do at the State Convention sets the rules (Constitution), the playbook (Platform), and the leadership (elections) for the future of the Independence Party of Minnesota.  This is where your individual voice and your collective voices move this party forward.  Some of the work we will ask of you is to:

Elect State Party Officers

Every two years, you elect the team of people who you want to lead this party through the next election cycle. You will be voting for a State Party Chair and State Party Director, who run together as a team. You will also be voting for the State Party Secretary and the State Party Treasurer.

Vote on Proposed Changes to our Constitution

The State Central Committee held their meeting on February 23rd.  They voted to remove the Party’s prohibition on PAC contributions.  You will be asked to ratify or reject that vote.  You will also be asked to ratify or reject a change in the scheduling of CD Conventions relative to the State Convention.  Language for both amendments is attached.

Vote on Proposed Platform Changes

A couple platform changes have been submitted by this year’s CD Conventions for your consideration. The text of each of these is included in this call.

Other Business that May Properly Come Before the Convention

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Saint Cloud on Saturday, June 1st.


Mark Jenkins

State Party Chair

Independence Party of Minnesota


(612) 701-2019

Fundraising Plea

We will always welcome your financial support of our activities.  Whether it is the State Legislative Candidate Fund, Website Redesign, Basic Operations or anything else, we will be happy to dedicate your contribution to any of the initiatives you choose.

Please use the enclosed donation envelope or visit www.mnip.org/get-involved/contribute to contribute by check or credit card.  Don’t forget to indicate in the comments, or on your check, the special project (or basic operations) you wish to dedicate your donation to.  If you can help in any other way, please contact me directly at the email address or phone number above.  I look forward to hearing from you.Constitutional Amendments up for State Convention Ratification:


Your presence is requested at the 2013 Independence Party of Minnesota State Convention

When: Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10:00 am

Where: Saint Cloud State University

Atwood Memorial Center

720 4th Avenue South

St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498

Why: To set the course, and continue the momentum, of your party.


Proposed Agenda

10:00 am         Registration and “Meet and Greet”

10:30 am         Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Credentials Committee Report (Delegate Count)

Election of Convention Officers

Adopt Standing Rules

Adopt Agenda

11:00 am         Ratify Constitutional Amendments and Approve Platform Changes

12:00 pm         Lunch and CD Meetings if necessary

1:00 pm           Complete Ratification of Constitutional Amendments and Approval of Platform Changes

2:00 pm           Keynote

2:30 pm           Strategic Planning Task Force Report

2:45 pm           Election of State Party Officers

State Party Chair and State Party Director

State Party Secretary

State Party Treasurer

3:45 pm           Speeches by new officers

4:15 pm           Announce Committees for 2013, seek Volunteers

4:30 pm           Thank you from Chair, final announcements

4:45 pm           Adjourn


Reception at (announce at Convention) immediately following the Convention


Constitutional Amendments up for State Convention Ratification:

 BC2 #1

Article 15, Section 3, Subdivision 7. PAC Prohibition: The State Party or any IP endorsed candidate shall not accept PAC contributions.

ACTION:  Motion passes.



Article Eight, Section 2, Sub. 1., para. B.  Each Independence Party of Minnesota Congressional District Convention must assemble a minimum of thirty forty-five calendar days preceding may assemble in regular session on the same day or days and at the same location as the regular session of the Independence Party of Minnesota State Convention.; the call and notices that are specific to Congressional District conventions that so assemble may be included with the State Convention regular session call and mailed to each State delegate and each local delegate as appropriate to the Independence Party of Minnesota Congressional District convention. 

Article Four, Section 2. Sub. 1 – The program of each regular session of the Independence Party of Minnesota State Convention shall provide a period of time for delegates to convene by Independence Party of Minnesota Congressional District and take up the business of their congressional district conventions.

ACTION:  Passed.


 Platform Changes up for State Convention Approval:

Karna Brewer, CD 6 – Pension Funds

Whereas: Every American worker, private or public sector, deserves sufficient income in his/her old age to ensure a dignified retirement, despite ongoing erosion of the retirement safety net,

Whereas: Defined benefit plans have virtually disappeared in the private sector only to be replaced with a retirement system that forces workers to link their future security to the uncertain, unpredictable fluctuations in the stock market,

Whereas: The median age 60 – 62 household with a 401k has less than one quarter of what is expected to be needed to support themselves in their old age and is at risk of having to rely on taxpayer-paid public assistance,

Therefore: It is resolved that public employee defined-benefit pension plans are an asset to the State of Minnesota and should be retained, and steps taken to restore the pension safety net for private-sector workers.

William Denney, CD 4 – Marijuana

Be it resolved, the Independence Party of Minnesota supports the legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana.